A Guide to understand Advanced Car Cleaning / Detailing – Car Spa

Let’s start from when it started. For every car user the dream is to see their Car Clean and sparkling at all times. Right? Any exceptions, NONE that we have come across yet. So that was how the Car Wash & Cleaning services started finding their roots in the lives of every car user over the period. But then, was that enough? No and definitely not. Why is that so? Because, every Car User seeks more than just a mere Car Wash. They seek a complete renovation of their car on regular basis without really having to pay as much as it takes for renovating a Car. So there came the other thing that was to take root in the minds of the Car Users. The CAR SPA. Car Spa is an advanced version of Car Cleaning that requires a much more trained and professional expertise to be executed. The industry coined this trained and professional execution of Car Cleaning in a well-defined manner as the Car Detailing. Over the time, with advances in chemical and material engineering, Car Detailing Industry too saw the best of the improvements that could leave anybody awestruck.

But Hey, what about Car Spa? Well, we are coming there now. So Car Spa can be just said to be the synonym for the Car Detailing that we told you about above. It is a very refined version of advanced Car Cleaning assisted with use of Chemicals specifically designed for Cars and equipment that bring out the soul of any Car.

Types of Car Spa

Interior, Exterior & Complete Car Spa can be the easiest classification for Car Spa to start with.

Exterior Car Spa


It is for the Exterior advanced cleaning and detailing for the Car. It includes the Car’s Body, Car’s Glasses or windshields, Engine Room and the Wheels along with Under-body Cleaning (Which we don’t yet provide on the Doorstep, but maybe soon we will. Let’s hope for the best). So basically, everything that’s on outside falls under the Exterior Car Spa treatments.

Interior Car Spa


It is the Car’s Interior Cleaning and Detailing that ensures a cleaner and hygienic environment for you to drive your Car. If done precisely, this can create wonders to how you feel while you drive your Car and We try and do it as precisely as possible. For a brief it covers the Cleaning of all parts interior from the seating space to the storage space in the rear. Then comes the part of AC Ducts and Vents, though they must be cleaned physically by detaching from the systems and opening them up, but on a regular basis even the AC Duct Cleaning that we offer can do the trick and save you from that messy odor. So there is that about Interior Car Spa.

Complete Car Spa

You already know what this means.. It’s just a combination of Interior and Exterior Car Spa. Complete Car Spa is a combo that can save you lots of bucks and bring a complete makeover for your Car.

So that was a very quick and brief summary of what Car Spa is, how relevant it is to Car Detailing and the kind of Car Cleaning options it offers.

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