Well I write this one, of course as most of us (aspiring, to-be, already being entrepreneurs) write on LinkedIn for, to give an intro & insight of what ‘disruptive’ we are doing in this USD 2.3 Trillion Economy.

But this piece of article is not for conveying that.

Cutting the chase, SwachhCar.in is just another one of those on-demand service Startups in India, that work their asses off until they realise one day that, maybe having a product too won’t hurt. So Swachh Car as name might have suggested you, that it is something about Automobile (4+ Wheelers) Cleaning Services. We are currently operating only in Pune and have just crossed the mark of 1,000+ unique customers (not cars) in our last 4 months of operations. (Pretty awesome for us because there is no big budget for marketing or hiring sales as we have bootstrapped completely till now and pretty much wish to do so in times to come.)

I have been associated with Swachh Car for last 3 months. Formerly known as Essence Services and re-branded last month when we started to scale and as a marketing person on the team I realised that our target market and even existing customers didn’t relate our service offerings to our name (at all).

This brought Swachh Car to a very re-iterated Basic of Startups, which we read about yet manage to forget :

Naam me sab kuch rakha hain!

(Name matters, because that’s how your customer relates to your brand and service offerings)

Hence don’t listen to Shakespeare, using just any name for your startup might not help. But it also doesn’t mean that you should waste time pondering over it. At Swachh Car, we continued the name until one day we struck on a simpler and more relate-able brand name. Also it was easier for us to do this because we hadn’t even reached the first milestone of 1000 customers, so it was pretty easy to re-brand entirely.

And just like this, there have been many more instances of learning. We would be happier to give back to this community that has actually kept refreshing my mind with some or the other bit of practical knowledge. So hope, some of my posts of Swachh Car help. Also please note that it’s just based out of my personal experiences and there is no science behind these things.

So friends, feedbacks and suggestions on Swachh Car website are welcome and most awaited for.