Terms & Conditions for Monthly Car Care Package

Applicable to all packages including – Clean, Shine and Shine+

  1. The services included in the Monthly Car Care Packages will be delivered
  • Either on fixed dates & times as informed by the customer during the First Session to the Delivery executive / Support Team
  • Or on the date and time booked by customer online at the link: swachhcar.in/mcare at least 24 hours before.
  1. Every Monthly Car Care Package is valid only for 30 days from first Session of the package and the validity of the package will not be extended under any circumstances.
  1. If for any reason, the customer is not available on decided / booked date & time to avail the service, the service will be considered to be delivered by SwachhCar (Garager Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and under no circumstance the same service will be delivered in the next session or without charging a penalty of Rs.50 for missing previous session.
  1. To cancel a session booked previously, the customer should inform Support Team at least 24 hours prior on 8380808039 or through mail on [email protected]
  1. Renewal of the Monthly Car Care Package with payment is to be carried out immediately (within 24 hours) as per the Last Session of the ongoing Monthly Car Care package. If renewal along with payment is not done, SwachhCar (Garager Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) will not be able to guarantee the Same day and time slot again when the next package begins..
  2. All customers are expected to sign on the Service Card carried by Service Delivery Executive after every session. If the card is not signed by customer, no complaints regarding the said session will be entertained at all.
  1. We request each customer to be personally available during the service and point out any untowards damage to the Car suspected to be imparted by the Service Delivery Executive to the Support team on [email protected] or 8380808049. In case of no notification from Customer within 6 Hours from the end of service, SwachhCar (Garager Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) can not be held responsible under any circumstances.
  1. For all complaints or grievances we request customers to contact the support team on 8380808039 / 49 instead of directly engaging with the Service Delivery Execuve.
  1. We request customers to maintain their Customer Card on a regular basis and ensure it is signed by the Service Delivery Executive after each service. In case of failure of doing the same SwachhCar (Garager Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) can not be held responsible for any service not being delivered.
  1. A Detailed description of Package and Scope of work of the services included is given on the website: swachhcar.in . We request all our customers to read the same and all the services will be provided exactly in accordance of that. Any additional service required by the customer can be communicated to the Support Team which will further assist you with the same.
  1. Additional Discounts on Car Spa services can only be availed during the period the package is valid. Prior notification to Support Team is mandatory to avail the same. No other promotional discounts can be clubbed with the discounts offered to Monthly Car Care Package subscribers.
  1. The FREE General Check-up and FREE AC Check-up can only be availed at a select service centers to be provided by Ecosystem Partners of SwachhCar (Garager Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). No Pick & Drop facility or Doorstep Service in this case will be provided under any circumstances. Additional payments on consumable or extra service are to be made as and where required. This offer does not guarantee any kind of FREE Service/repairs to the Car in any form.
  1. In case of Second Car’s subscription, a 20% OFF will be offered to the Customer on the Car whose Package price is lower (i.e. Higher Package Price Car will be charged as per the standard tariff). This offer is valid only when Same package is subscribed to. No additional Discount will be offered on the standard prices of Monthly Car Care packages. The Second Car needs to be available at the same location as the First Car for service and must belong to the same owner. The date and time of service would also need to co-incide for the discount to be applicable.
  1. By Paying for Monthly Car Care Package or Availing the First Session of Monthly Car Care Package, the customer accepts all the terms & conditions.