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Not all Car Care Centres actually Care for your Car, but we do. So this Christmas and New Year Eve, SwachhCar brings to you along with a Massive 30% discount on all our services, a set of Car Care Tips for day-to-day life, that will help you keep your Car’s body out of harm’s way.

  1. As a Car Care service we always advise you to park your car under a Constructed roof or Be covered with some Plastic/ Cloth Cover, as it ensures unwanted stains on your car’s body.
  2. Whenever washing or cleaning your car on your own, do not try to remove sticky stains with nails but instead use a mixture of soap and a little water to wet it and then use a cloth to push it off the surface of the car, this way the chances of scratching the car’s body are reduced heavily.
  3. One of the important part of Car Care is, it’s always suggested to get your car’s Air-Conditioning Ducts cleaned every 9-12 months for a healthy circulation of air in your car when AC is operating.
  4. To elongate the Paint-life on your car it’s always advisable for you to Teflon Coat it after 1 year of it’s purchase and get it done every 6-9 Months in order to keep the look consistent over years.
  5. Maintaining the sanitation inside your car is an integral part of car care and can be actually be very effective in maintaining your overall health. So it’s advisable to carry a hand sanitizer before and after driving the car. Having a Sanitizer in Car helps keeping your steering wheel and gear-stick free of germs.
  6. Alternately you can also try our Germicidal Intra-Cleaning Treatment, which can effectively kill 99.9% of germs inside your car while also turning everything inside shinier and cleaner. Get it done once and you wouldn’t need anything to be done for over 3 months.
  7. It is a very healthy practice to clean your steering wheel, Car Door Handles etc. every fortnight (15 Days) with an anti-bacterial solution like Dettol / Savlon.
  8. In case of accidental Coffee/Soda spills, wash it off immediately or the stained portion loses layer of color making it ugly to look at.
  9. Bird Excreta on your car is very damaging to the car’s body and equally to your reputation. Being acidic, excreta can make your car to start chipping of it’s paint. Hence wash it off, if it ever happens.
  10. It’s always a good idea to have a touch-up paint handy in your car just in case of minor accidents in which your car’s paint chips off. Touch up paints are a great way to cover the damage without making much difference in uniformity.
  11. If there is wearing off in your car’s color, it is advisable to cover it up before the inner metal of the car starts to catch rust and spreads along the entire component rendering it useless.

Last but not the least, while taking care of your car it is also important to take care of people around you. So don’t waste hundreds of litres of water for you may never know. Maybe someone will go thirsty for the amount of water you wasted. Be a responsible citizen of this society and avoid wasting water.

Maybe do you want to know more about how you can avoid to waste alot of water and yet keep your car clean?

We can tell you that we clean your cars in just 500 ml water, click here to see more.

So hope these Car Care tips will help you in making the best of your car.

SwachhCar Team from Pune Office wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Disclaimer: The Car Care tips are given after a prolonged observations but SwachhCar doesn’t take any responsibility if any of the given Car Care tips doesn’t bring out the intended results.